• Currently cheapest is probably the C17/Magic3 - about 11 usd including VAT and shipping on aliexpress, which is great price for nrf52840 based smartwatch. One random seller https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10050053­73233740.html

    is it possible to run Espruino on a non-Bangle smartwatch

    Yes but Espruino != Bangle.js, the interpreter works fine including BLE and all hardware but the UI part and Bangle apps from official repo work well only with official Bangle.js watches. However you can certainly use C17 running Espruino as a watch with custom subset of tweaked apps. C17 has 280x240 touch screen, one button and no gps or barometer. Also the HR sensor gives just raw data so is not that much usable out of box, same for step counting.
    For Bangle api layer it is perhaps best to start from here https://github.com/jeffmer/WatchApps


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