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  • fanoush may know of a band that could work and is still on sale

    DS-D6 was unique because it has two generic GPIOS on the usb data pins. Only few smart bands made by same Desay company had this feature DS-D9,DS-D6, HX03(W,F) and also SMA Q2 had it. Sadly none are available for sale nowadays. I don't have any more new DS-D6, only few used used ones (maybe atc1441

    still has some ?) , I still have two boxed HX03W.

    If you just want nrf52 device with battery and screen and don't mind taking it apart to get GPIOs then the Magic3/C17 is cheapest and is even nrf52840 and relatively easy to open (price is about 11EUR with shipping and taxes from aliexpress)


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