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  • @Gordon thanks for all the advice and information. I'll try to make some time and try with my ST-LINK and/or the ESP32 method whenever possible. Great idea for drilling holes through the cover for new rings.
    I've had a look at what ESPDruino is and it seems like a genius idea (I learned development with JS more than 20 years ago so will have to give it a try as well eventually).
    Also, if you are the Gordon of the Kickstarter campaigns, I have to say well done to you, great projects, and good on you to deliver where most projects fail 💪

    @fanoush where did you find those firmwares?
    My ring appears as "R8 B837" but it seems identical to the R2 models I see online. The app is Smart Health and if I remember the firmware version was 0.3 (I still struggle to keep the ring on, not sure where the bad connection is now).

  • where did you find those firmwares?

    Well, it is from Smart Health app - firmware update functionality available from their servers, sadly there is no firmware file named R8, btw is b8:37 part of your device mac address? I'll search other binaries for R8 maybe the file has different name.

    EDIT: searched all binaries and sadly don't see any with "R8" inside. for R1 and R2 the name is probably done in same way as there is this in the binary R2..%s %02X%02X so R2 gets formatted with two hex numbers (possibly from MAC address)
    Here are device names with nrf52 firmware update available from SmartHealth BNR860,DEFIRO,E04S,E10PROA,E20E10A,E20E1­0I,E20E10J,E66C,E67,E68,E80A,E80C,E80DL,­E80DLA,E80DLF,E86,E86DL,ES09,F81,FW46,H0­1,H28,H6,H6B,M18PLUS,M8,P50C,R01,R02,R1,­R2,R2C,S2,S2D1,S6,S6Glu,TYFE80A,U32,V6,Y­B,YC,YC024,YC030,YC31,YC66
    most of them are probably smartwatches (their firmware is much bigger, over 300KB vs <200KB for rings)


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