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  • That's really cool! So looking at that, I'd say that most likely the pads on the pack marked D and C are SWDIO and SWDCLK respectively - so if you have an SWD adaptor that works with NRF52 chips you could connect those two, plus GND and you can flash it.

    Some info at:

    However it's super likely that the chip itself has had the software protection bits flashed, which means you can't read the code out. Although ATC1441 did have a hack for that using an ESP32 which you could give a try:­WD

    But if that fails you'll just have to do the recovery over SWD (which wipes everything) and start from scratch. I'm not sure if @fanoush has written anything up on it, but you can flash a minimal Espruino firmware and then start messing with various wires (D0..D31) and see if you can figure out what's connected to what (but if you could get the firmware off it you could start to disassemble it and figure out which pins go where and what all the sensors are)

    The good news about it I guess is that if you had a 'new' ring, it looks like you could cut a small section out of the cover and get to the GND/D/C pins quite easily, then could just fill it in with glue after.


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