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  • Hi,

    @enaon, I'm planning to fully replicate your design. I'm newbie with espruino, dou you plan sharing your code?

    I've already read Greek forum, but:

    1. Do you recommend any commercial band (I'll buy for this project).
    2. Detailed info about electronic part would really be appreciated.
  • hello @jmontane, yes I will upload the code to github, and will make a final parts list for the electronics.

    as for the controller, I was thinking about it a bit too. @fanoush may know of a band that could work and is still on sale, or maybe an official espruino board could be used, or even an esp board if battery operation is not importand, or maybe have it in sleep mode. (I have not yet done any proper measurements, but the prototypes are now 2 months in, 300+ empty cycles, ~65% battery level, idle consumption of the powerbank module looks good)

    I used the ds-d6, because I had some, Ι wanted the controller to be waterproof and it was easy to use the accelerator for sensing movement, but I will use the magic3 (*) next, I will place it on the top of the power bank/motor cover, it is removable so it makes sence for easy deep cleaning, and I will use a shaking vibration sensor- Ι am not sure how they are called, little glass capsules- for the sensing part, so maybe you could get one of those, the code for it will be on github too, with menus etc.

    I plan to upload the current code for the dsd6 on github by monday.


  • fanoush may know of a band that could work and is still on sale

    DS-D6 was unique because it has two generic GPIOS on the usb data pins. Only few smart bands made by same Desay company had this feature DS-D9,DS-D6, HX03(W,F) and also SMA Q2 had it. Sadly none are available for sale nowadays. I don't have any more new DS-D6, only few used used ones (maybe atc1441

    still has some ?) , I still have two boxed HX03W.

    If you just want nrf52 device with battery and screen and don't mind taking it apart to get GPIOs then the Magic3/C17 is cheapest and is even nrf52840 and relatively easy to open (price is about 11EUR with shipping and taxes from aliexpress)


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