• I've just checked, and it works fine for me on a Bangle here (at least it initialises when uploaded to RAM, and when you press the button it says the services need updating first) - if your firmware up to date?

    The invalid param is going to be from the bluetooth stack, which doesn't like something about the data being advertised. I guess it's possible there's some other bluetooth setting you have enabled (pairing? not sure) that means that the bluetooth flags in setAdvertising can't be used... https://www.espruino.com/modules/ble_mid­i.js

  • Interesting, I also tried directly running the following (RAM, like you did), with none of my extra code:

    var int = require("ble_midi");

    It should work, right? I'm getting the same error.

    Also, my BT settings (if they matter) are:

    Connectable: Stay connectable enabled
    BLE On
    Programmable On
    HID Off
    Passkey none
    Whitelist off

    Usually I'm only running one program, the large one I made myself. Not using downloaded code other than firmware / bootloader, although I did download a lot of apps at one point.. Everything is updated, though, and as far as I know, the other apps aren't interfering; Unless there's some sort of background service feature I haven't heard of yet.

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