• I've only now found the "Interfacing" page in Espruino's docs

    Yes - that's definitely what you need!

    For BLE midi/etc I guess it's possible what you're hitting is that Bangle.js is setting itself up as something different every time it starts, so you might pair the Bangle without your app running and then the PC isn't aware that the Bangle was properly providing HID. You'd have to ensure you forgot the Bangle and re-paired it each time - there is an option in the Bangle's settings menu that lets you enable Bluetooth HID, and then it's always on - and that might work better for you (you could look at some of the existing apps for how they work).

    However we don't have an option for making it appear as a Midi device all the time (although I guess that could be added)

  • Yes, I see what you're saying. The problem for me, though, was that midi.init() wasn't even working at all, throwing an error I couldn't understand. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my code, but it's slightly possible some of my HID stuff was messing with it. If you or someone else wants to test to make sure the issue is there, that'd be great; I'm not at home at the moment, so I can't test it myself.

    I wouldn't assume the problem is with Bluetooth pairing, since it usually waits for whenever it's disconnected to change stuff.