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  • Wondering if I should knock that off or since its still going strong then nothing to worry about

    Yes, I'd try and avoid swimming with it (particularly regularly). While they're designed to put up with being immersed in a shallow depth for short periods, when you're moving your hands through the water the pressures experienced can far exceed what it's designed for.

    It might be working now, but if even a tiny bit of water gets through each time, that's going to build up over time and cause you problems

    Anything in the works for a bangle 3?

    Not at the moment - I'm just about to receive another big batch of Bangle.js 2 so the idea is to keep with that for the moment. Espruino started off as a way to program microcontrollers, so Bangle.js is a bit of a departure from that - the next device (coming in a few months I hope) is actually a microcontroller with motor drivers on it, so you can use it to control motors/steppers/lights without having to solder anything.

    Eventually there may be a Bangle.js 3 but I'm not working on it right now - the issue really is it'd be nice to do something entirely custom, but there's an awful lot of investment needed for that - which I'm not entirely sure would be repaid by sales at the moment.


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