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  • Ok, great!

    There's no physical serial connection to the watch so you have to do everything through Bluetooth LE normally, but there are some examples of using bluetooth and that 'Nordic UART' protocol (effectively serial) from various programming languages at:­etooth-le

    The SWD (serial wire debug) pins (­etooth-le) are for super low level stuff (if you start changing the C code of the interpreter) and while there is such a thing as serial-over-swd it's not something Bangle.js supports yet as it's a bit of a pain to set up!

    The watch doesn't have a speaker but it can make some very feint sounds using the vibration motor. I'm afraid it can't pair with Bluetooth headsets either - generally they all use classic Bluetooth and not Bluetooth Low Energy.

    Generally when messages arrive and alarms go off, the pattern of buzzing is configurable though. If the buzzing is hard to notice you might find changing the pattern to something like 3 long buzzes makes it a lot more obvious


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