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  • Gordon, thank you for your reply.

    When it first arrived, it only booted to a screen that said Bangle.js with a logo looking like a bangle.js 1, and it said copyright G Williams. It would never leave that screen no matter how I booted or how many times I booted, or how long I left it there on that screen. I only got a welcome screen after factory resetting the device, which was odd for me since it was brand new ordered from the espruino site, with all the packaging intact. It looked like the pictures posted here:Ā­/378516/

    The charger magentic is going in correctly, it simply has a very weak pull, almost not anything actually. It is extremely sensitive trying to get it to charge. Like I said, the magnetic pull is very weak, almost none at all. Compared to a shocks opencomm headset charger which I'm use to, where the magnetic connection is solid. The banglejs2 charger is so weak that unless I prop the phone up and align the charger just perfectly, it won't engage. It may try but it will continue to vibrate back and forth "charge", "not charging", "charging", "not charging", etc. EDIT: Upon inspecting the connection points, they were either nearly covered with paint, or corrosion. After scrapping them clean, the charger stays connected MUCH better. Again, very odd for a new device one would think.

    As for bluetooth, I was unable to get it to pair with either windows or linux. Keep in mind this was attempting to pair via windows bluetooth area, or on linux using bluetoothctl. I did however get it to pair using chrome on windows, via the browser. I loaded a few apps this way. But I was hoping I could connect to it directly , not using a browser to do so, especially since I want to develop my own apps.


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