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  • Hi - do you remember what it did when you first received it instead of not working? It should boot up to a 'welcome screen'.

    The charger is handed - it should pull itself on to the watch one way around but if the magnets are pushing it away from the watch you shouldn't force it on as that means it's on backwards. Do you think it's possible that's what happened?

    For the bluetooth connection:

    What colour is the bluetooth icon in the top right of the Bangle's screen? If it's blue that probably means another computer is connected to your Bangle. If you chose to 'pair' in the OS Bluetooth menu, that might mean that the particular computer automatically connects to it as soon as it appears - and depending on the OS it may mean that the Web Browser is then unable to see the device despite the fact the OS is connected.

    That would fit with "Sometimes it appears randomly for a second or two" because it's appearing but then the PC is connecting to it which stops it being connected to be another device.

    If the icon is grey, have you tried connecting with a phone? That's not what you should have to do, but my experience is that usually Bluetooth on phones 'just works'


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