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  • the accelerometer might be the only sensor needed to get all the other data that I'm interested in

    Correct, but there needs to be software to convert the raw sensor signals to what you want. If that is done in the garmin watch, you cant use it for bangle. And if nobody writes that for H10 your out of luck also, even if all you need is implicit in the raw signal - but you need it explicit.

    To get a desired information its important what sensor, where placed and how processed.
    With the right sensor at the right place processing can be near trivial, otherwise difficult or impossible.
    For HR or HRV measuring electrical signals near the heart (what the chest belt does) gives very accurate and very easy to process signals and is not very sensitive to movement. In contrast Optical measurements at the wirst (PPG) is pretty difficult to interpret and very sensitive to movement. Which is why bthrm is much more reliable in principle, not only because of difference in software sophistication.
    Now to acceleration data. The more direct to the source of movement it is connected, the better the results, the simpler the software can be. I used to have a suunto footpod attached to the shoe. There foot contact is near trivial to detect and very precise, as would cyling frequency and the like have been. Compare in contrast the movement of your wrist, which is decoupled from the foot by a large number of joints, so to measure those things with bangle directly (which has ACC) would be at least very involved, maybe impossible.
    Chest is somewhere in the middle here, but if you are not a beginner and running/cycling smooth I guess your hip does a lot of decoupling.
    What does that mean? Golden Cheetah (great program, used it in the past together with TACX data) will not do the trick alone - except garmin does the calculations in the chest belt, possible but I doubt it, and sends the results in a documented format over BT characteristics, again possible but I doubt it.
    If you can find a documentation about what the garmin sensor does send over bluetooth characteristics or even better a github repository with example code, that would be great. Otherwise you probably need to assume you can't use those features, maybe not even have access to the raw ACC data as we know the H10 provides. You also can try to find a github with open source code to extract what you want from H10 data.
    If you have found one of those I can help to make it work together with bangle or Cheetah.


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