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  • but then it will mark it invalid and won't execute it

    Ahh, thanks - that's a shame then. I was hopeful that maybe by not actually sending the 'finish' command and disconnecting we could skip the validation step at the end - but I'd imagine that it almost certainly invalidates flash as soon as it gets to the point where it's erasing flash pages.

    How about reaching to the manufacturers

    I have had virtually no success with this with watches so far - maybe it's a language barrier thing, but the only way Bangle.js 2 works is because it's got the programming pins on the rear so we can program it here. I don't even have the schematics for the device - everything has had to be reverse engineered.

    It's not to say you shouldn't try though! You might get lucky.

    There's also a miniscule possibility that the SWD programming pins are actually available on the device somewhere - either on the outside, or on test pads that you could get to by drilling small holes in the case and filling them after (but I guess you'd only find that out by dismantling/destroying one first).


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