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  • So i'm working on making BangleJS work with my Pinetime and to do that I'm trying to migrate some code outside of the main jswrap_bangle.c file. So it will be easier to add the PineTime specific code.

    So the code here


    • I don't have either a bangle 1 or 2. I plan to buy one just currently it would be a pain to ship it to were I'm at.
    • this code isn't cleaned up at all. Just something I'm playing with.

    My primary goal is to move out to its own folder. Then have function that can be overwritten based on what piece of hardware you using. There's probably a more advance way of doing this, but it seemed to clean it up enough that i could follow the logic of what bangle was doing and how the hardware did it.

    Currently i only have Backlight and display. But it shouldn't be too hard to continue this pattern for the rest of hardware. There even might be a nice way to wrap things like GPS,HRM,Compass since they follow a similar pattern of ("is ON", set power, rd,wr). So then you should have a array of hardware to iterate through.

    So this is a continue from this post. I'm posting this to see if this is something that should be continued or if its making some compromise that makes the the situation worse.


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