• I haven't tried it but I think @fanoush mentioned that the really cheap STLink USB programmers might be more of a faff to get working

    Yes those DAPlink/CMSIS-DAP ones are typically for the same price as STlink V2 dongles (sometimes even cheaper!) and are easier to use in Windows - no drivers needed - they work over USB HID. STlink needs "STSW-LINK009" driver from STM that needs login to download (but recently I noticed Windows 10 installs it automatically from Windows updates). With STLink you are however guaranteed to get STM32F103 compatible chip with 20KB RAM and at least 64KB flash (typically 128KB) inside so they are better for repurposing but otherwise for SWD they are not the easiest. With DAPlink the cheapest ones are based on cheaper ARM chips with 10K RAM/32K FLASH or even 8051 based CH55x chips.

    Picoprobe firmware for Raspberry Pico is CMSIS-DAP too so exactly the same procedure works.

    AND BTW those dongles are typically for about US$2 from China including tax and shipping. So maybe better then getting them from Amazon for much more one can get the Pico instead. Those are possibly not that expensive and after doing the recovery you can use the Pico for other stuff. There are even versions with pin headers already soldered on so connecting is as easy as those DAPlink dongles.


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