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  • I can totally see the appeal of an easy switch to Dark mode, but what else do you think switching to Bootstrap would really improve?

    The idea of using Spectre was really to have something very minimal that didn't need learning and to use the plain CSS and JS browser APIs where possible. From that point of view the fact Spectre.css hasn't changed over most of the 5 years the App Loader has been around hasn't been a big deal - it didn't really need to.

    I feel like there's not really a lot to learn - there's 200 lines of HTML in­lob/master/index.html and a few more in the JS at­oaderCore/blob/364b2c1b00de17ffbbee87fb1­d91e79b513b9127/js/index.js#L425-L483 that might reference some Spectre CSS, but it's all very straightforward

    But other than that, that's pretty much it - it's just standard JS DOM APIs working with HTML.

    I'm not entirely against using Bootstrap, but I'm not really sure what it adds in this case?

    There's also the fact it's not just the Bangle.js App Loader, but other app loaders like­ and use it, plus all the apps that have a custom.html or interface.html file would need changing (and testing) too so it's potentially a decent chunk of work with a high likelihood of breakage.


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