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  • At the risk of sounding like the cliche "noob with overzealous ideas":

    The app loader and interfaces are great for interacting with the watch. I'd like to work on making them better, even if it was rejected it'd be a good learning exercise.

    They use "spectre.css", so I figured I'd learn it. But Spectre appears to be abandoned, with a few struggling attempts to fork it.

    Would it make sense to switch to something more widely used like Bootstrap? Especially before many interfaces are made that rely on it?

    • Learning bootstrap is probably more useful use of brain space.
      • It might be something people already know.
    • It'd keep things pretty and uniform-ish.
    • It'd probably outlive spectre and be updated as html/css gets updated.
    • It can switch to dark mode pretty easily.

    Bootstrap is just an example, but basically interfaces made by programmers tend to look and feel terrible, so a guide/crutch is good. And the fewer frameworks I have to remember the better.


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