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  • “You'll need to delete both of the ifdef BANGLE bits here”

    Ah that’s working better… seems I can just press and hold on the splash screen to force my flashed app to boot from that screen (as opposed to looping back to the bootloader).
    (my modified code:­728409948658a4ff11053cb5a1155cb36a1c95b8­/src/jsflash.c#L1372C1-L1384C1)

    And thanks for letting me know about the 30 second time out on the initial bootloader screen (it’ll be much easier to direct the user to simply ‘wait’ if they see that screen).

    Is there any way for the splash screen to also get that behaviour (the 30 second time out till loading my flashed app)? If not, is it easy enough to modify the splash screen to include an instruction just to hold the button down until the flashed app appears?


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