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  • I could make a little print off to give to the user before testing with them, detailing what to do if they accidentally trigger the boot loader

    Even if they did accidentally enter it, it will time out after ~30s if they just leave it I believe, so you shouldn't need that much documentation!

    As @fanoush says if you want to start messing with the bootloader, you probably want to spend ~£30 on an SWD programmer so you can update the code on the Bangle no matter what happens. If you fiddle with the bootloader without one, if you make any mistake in the code you'll have no way to recover the Bangle.

    is this expected behaviour for the firmware without the recovery menu?

    Ahh, yes - but obviously you don't want that either! You'll need to delete both of the #if defined(BANGLEJS) bits here:­b/d217500f45277ddcb7631d46c02d9bfdb4bb17­ca/src/jsflash.c#L1372-L1398

    Then the code you wrote will run regardless of what the user does


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