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  • I'm wondering whether the problem is just that my code isn't being loaded by the IDE when I hit the Send to Espruino button. When I press the button, the left panel flickers, but there's no indication that anything is uploaded to the watch. Also, when I open the console in Chrome Developer Tools, I see this stack trace whenever I hit Send to Espruino:

    index.js:93100 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')
        at nextCh (index.js:93100:15)
        at Object.getLexer (index.js:93107:5)
        at getModulesRequired (index.js:98985:35)
        at loadModules (index.js:99110:20)
        at Array.<anonymous> (index.js:98949:7)
        at cb (index.js:92893:15)
        at Object.callProcessor (index.js:92898:5)
        at Object.getEspruinoCode (index.js:95560:14)
        at index.js:100584:30
        at Object.ensureConnected (index.js:100846:7)