• Thank you, good shout on the advertising interval - I assume that will add more drain to the battery though?

    I'm using your espruinohub project with HA integration for the bluetooth->mqtt component but that bthome code looks much, much simpler. I'll try lowering the interval with something like

    function updateAdvertising() {
          type : "battery",
          v : E.getBattery()
          type : "temperature",
          v : E.getTemperature()
      ]), { name : "Sensor1" });
    // Update advertising now
    // Update advertising every 20 miliseconds...
    setInterval(updateAdvertising, 20);

    First and see if that helps, then look into a bridge like you recommend. I was really hoping to avoid a third device in the middle but I guess BT isn't really designed for this even though the range isn't far.


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