• Hey folks, long time espruino fan here but I'm running into trouble with my latest idea.

    I've finally gotten into home assistant this year and wanted to set up a smart doorbell - the puck js seemed perfect for this with it's long battery life and plain white casing. I've configured everything so the puck sends advertising data about button state which then gets sent over mqtt via my raspberry pi's bluetooth to HA and it works but only if the puck is in the same room as the pi which is is plugged into my router's ethernet ports. I've bought one of these from the espruino store to help boost the pi's range and it's boosted the range but not enough. I've also upped the transmission power on the puck js with


    But it's not really changed the total range by any noticeable amount.

    I'm only using this at a distance of ~7 meters but there are a couple of windows and a composite door between the puck and the pi that I can't really get out of the way. Does anybody have any advice on what I could do next to fix this other than setting up a BT to WiFi/MQTT bridge closer to the door? Would adding a usb cable extender to the aerial and putting it higher up than the pi help?



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