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  • I unzipped .... which gives me the unzipped folder espruino_2v20.70_banglejs2 ... I can then rezip it to give me ... but trying to upload any of these to the IDE gives me "Error: Unable to find manifest, is this a proper DFU package?".

    I've noticed I get the same problem downloading the BANGLEJS2 file (the Artifact Produced during runtime) even from Gordon's GitHub repo­ions/runs/7709447059

    Again there's probably something obvious that I'm missing.

  • I can then rezip it to give me

    Do not unzip/rezip the second zip, just use it as is.

    Github puts artefacts (=output) of the build into zip file. the result of the Espruino build is Nordic DFU zip file. That's why there is zip inside zip.


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