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  • You need to upload zip file which is inside zip that github makes. Maybe that is the option you did not try? Do not unzip/rezip the second one, just use it as is.

    MACOS puts some extra stuff into zips when making them so this may confuse the code enumerating the data inside. Also Nordic DFU does not use compression on zips but this is not problem here as Nordic code is not used for these updates via Firmware Update app.

  • I unzipped .... which gives me the unzipped folder espruino_2v20.70_banglejs2 ... I can then rezip it to give me ... but trying to upload any of these to the IDE gives me "Error: Unable to find manifest, is this a proper DFU package?".

    I've noticed I get the same problem downloading the BANGLEJS2 file (the Artifact Produced during runtime) even from Gordon's GitHub repo­ions/runs/7709447059

    Again there's probably something obvious that I'm missing.


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