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  • Yes, Health Tracker is on. I can see graphs of steps etc on the Bangle, and timer is set to 10 minutes. Bluetooth is at Connectable and I have tapped Make Connection Stay On, to Yes. I have swapped Bluetooth on my phone to show Visible to all devices, then back to Only visible to paired devices. Back to Gadgetbridge again and still waiting to reconnect, hanging for a very long time. Then press three dropdown buttons to disconnect or reconnect whatever. Back to Waiting to Reconnect. This morning I tried away from the house and interference,but got the same result, phone was close and fully charged. Today there are steps showing on both the Bangle and Gadgetbridge, but the connection is predominantly unconnected or waiting to reconnect. We had an ancient Mi Band working on my phone which worked ok, now back on another phone and working within the same conditions. No other devices connected. Incidentally earphones pair and work straightaway on my phone (not sure if thats relevant). Sometimes I have forced a connect using 'Full Sync' in activity section, on Gadgetbrige but usually it disconnects. Running out of ideas.....


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