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  • Step count today is currently 7146 (and rising). At least 7000 steps were recorded two/three hours ago. Gadgetbridge is slowly recording the additional steps with each *Full Synch on the phone, but NOT from the earlier walk. Bangle still showing the earlier 7000+ steps on display of Pebble Clock WD (and more recent additional steps),**but they are not being transferred? I checked activity today on the phone and its showing only steps from a couple of hours ago. The earlier walk is not currently shown anywhere on the phone.
    I'm guessing a Bluetooth disconnection. Does Bangle 2 transfer these steps on reconnection to the phone if there's been a break in Bluetooth earlier today? Or maybe if Gadgetbridge had the break? I checked yesterday's step count and it shows the total, as far as I recall. I'm on V20 version.

    *Is this the best way to update?
    **should have said that only the newer steps are being transferred over.


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