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    Does OSMand~ on F-droid have the same gadgetbridge compatibility as OSMand+ on the playstore?

    I'm afraid I'm not sure. You'd have to ask Gadgetbridge developers.

    If I have a gadgetbridge compatible maps app like OSMand+ and set a destination, then open OSM on my bangle. Will a waypoint be created on OSM on my bangle? I don't see any other way to add a waypoint on the bangle app.

    No, it won't be added. The OSM app on Bangle.js and OpenStreetMap direction forwarding by Gadgetbridge are completely separate

    • The OSM app allows you to preload OSM apps on the Bangle, to be displayed using your GPS location - it's totally independent of the phone
    • OpenStreetMap direction forwarding by Gadgetbridge forwards directions the same as from Google maps - they appear as a notification showing you just directions (but no map)

    When I have a compatible map app will OSM on the bangle show the pop-up directions so that I only need to look at the bangle to know when to turn as well as my location?

    The directions will pop up on the Bangle, yes - but not alongside the map.

    Do I need the compass app? I saw a YouTuber who made a video on tracking bike routes with the OSM app on the Bangle.JS 2 say you need the compass app but i don't see that in the OSM docs.

    Not unless you need a compass. The OSM app displays your direction as an arrow where you are.

    You can install the compass widget (https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=widcom) so that even when directions are shown, you will still see a compass up the top of the screen.

    Is there a way for OSM to automatically pull up once you set a destination on ur phone? Similar to the music controls app?

    When navigation starts, the directions will pop up automatically (but that's not the OSM app with the Map)

    How do others use OSM on their bangle? Or is it at all usable for directions on ur wrist?

    I use the OSM app when walking, so I can see where I am on the route

    But for directions, I tend to just use Google Maps on the phone which will then relay directions to the watch (once working, the OSMAnd app should work the same way)

  • Thank you so much for all of this great information @Gordon. As well as your fantastic presence and assistance on the forums in general! This clarified a lot for me.


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