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  • Had this watch a few days now from new, and can't change the Default Settings on the Pebble Clock With Distance. It is currently set to 0.75m and says it can be changed in settings. Everytime I change by scrolling up or down then tap to set it shows and sets the new step length number, before moving out of the settings and back to the watch clockface.
    When I return to the settings later, the watch has returned the setting to the to the original defult of 0.75. Is this correct?
    I don't have any more apps loaded, except for an alarm. Firmware is up to date. My Gadgetbridge allows change from default and remains at the new distance. I tried making Gadgetbrige and the Bangle 2 the same set length, but this has not helped. I watched Gordon's video how to set these variables, and have set the watch as shown. I do not code and have no knowledge of programming, Thanks for any help in advance.


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