• I have not been able to find proper documentation on how the Open Street Maps app on the Bangle interacts/functions with Android map apps like OSMand and Google Maps. Hoping some can clarify how they function together if at all.

    1. Does OSMand~ on F-droid have the same gadgetbridge compatibility as OSMand+ on the playstore? I can't seem to find any clear answers. Curious because I obviously want directions to be able to pop-up on my bangle. I've seen conflicting info on the internet.

    2. If I have a gadgetbridge compatible maps app like OSMand+ and set a destination, then open OSM on my bangle. Will a waypoint be created on OSM on my bangle? I don't see any other way to add a waypoint on the bangle app.

    3. When I have a compatible map app will OSM on the bangle show the pop-up directions so that I only need to look at the bangle to know when to turn as well as my location?

    4. Do I need the compass app? I saw a YouTuber who made a video on tracking bike routes with the OSM app on the Bangle.JS 2 say you need the compass app but i don't see that in the OSM docs.

    5. Is there a way for OSM to automatically pull up once you set a destination on ur phone? Similar to the music controls app?

    6. How do others use OSM on their bangle? Or is it at all usable for directions on ur wrist?

    7. Settings recommendations for the best experience?