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    I'm surprised that you do low-level communication to the ESP-##/ EX8266 module sitting on the Espruino-Wifi... Your code reminds me of using Pico with an ESP-01. As far as I recall, this is all hidden behind Espruino-Wifi firmware... No need to deal w/ GPIO pins and the like.

    Take a look at this conversation EspruinoWiFi module builtin? and, for example, at this code example: EspruinoWiFi module builtin? - where Espruino-Wifi connects to the local Wifi and exposes a WebServer / interactive WebPage to control the train; and here is another example... not showing me in the best light, but it shows how to connect Espruino-Wifi and check the ip address your access point w/ DHCP give the connection Espruino/Wifi - getIP() returns undefined but callback receives null,ip.

    Updating the onboard ESP-## is though a different story... but there is documentation about it... https://www.espruino.com/WiFi

    (@Gordon, ooops, read The Espruino WiFi board is now discontinued. We will be releasing a new WiFi + Bluetooth board in 2022... I guess COVID-19 and related supply chain challenges ask for a special interpretation of the number 2022... :\ )


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