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  • @Coder2012,

    does your system already see STM32... before you initiate the connect? From what I understand, it should not already connect on the (operating) system level. When you connect, the browser should initiate and setup the connection using the serial device. 'Driver not found' tells me that the operating system has already communicated with Pico and tries now to find the driver for this device... I'd try to disconnect in the system setup and then try to connect in the Espruino IDE.

    That you could update the firmware tells me, that you can connect when your system is in the right setup in regard w/ the USB-Serial... because: when you put Pico into flash mode, your system could not / did not connect or lost connection, but connected successfully when the flasher in the IDE initiated connection... and there it could obviously connect.

    But take my thoughts with a rock of salt... I'm working in the Apple OS X context...


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