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  • Hello again, just wanted to share an idea, this is based of the dsd6 I got sometime back from @fanoush, using espruino of course. The ball is a flower pot from Italian maker bama, it is a bit small, 40cm diameter, but otherwise very nice for a cat bed or litter box, and well priced, so it gave me the motivation to make it automatic. Everything else is paper, resin and some polyester coating. The servo is one from AliExpress, 30 euro, 12volt 150kg, I am running it at 5volts, only using a max of 5watts for moving 3.6 litters of sand.

    I will upload the code later, but it is not the strong point, I believe it is very cleaning friendly, very simple on using and maintaining.

    I uploaded my endeavours in this Greek version of channel4 forum, in Greek but there are some photos, If anyone cares on the how to, I will be happy to share my problems and solutions.­f=43&t=50568

    this a simple demo run, is is designed to allow for as simple ball placement/removal as I could think of.­vNE

    this shows how the scoop is removed and the sand emptied, for deep cleaning.­qtM

    and this is an not so happy to be on yt cat, but she did go while I was filming the demo, so here she is.­sxU


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