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  • Wow, excellent progress!

    You may also tune the board file a bit further. If you don't plan to connect serial console to pins 6 and 8 you may set console to EV_BLUETOOTH instead of EV_SERIAL1 and comment out three lines below it with rx/tx pins and baudrate. Then if you removed/commented out button/led definitions you may also comment out matching negated pin lines further down near the end otherwise reading/writing those pins will invert values read/written - which may not bother you if don't plan to use them. Those changes are not strictly needed but will make the board definition more generic.

    Then if you need more storage for files you can replace number 10 on three places starting here­b/072a066dcb94ab7eab775267c5d91420f86e79­f6/boards/ and two more places on lines below. Not sure how high it can go before build breaks with some 'code overlaps storage' error but at least 80 (=320KB) could work? on some trimmed down configuration I could go as high as 140. Again this is not very important if you don't plan to upload or create lot of files in storage.


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