• Apart from the Bangle being more supported and stable...

    The main one as far as I'm aware is that Bangle.js has a documented API in the form of Bangle.* methods running from jswrap_bangle.c. https://github.com/jeffmer/WatchApps doesn't have that, and implements some of it, in JS, for example: https://github.com/jeffmer/WatchApps/blo­b/master/apps/main-gw32/main-gw32.js#L4

    If you're writing all your own apps from scratch you might not care, but it does mean that a great deal of existing Bangle.js apps that depended on that API existing and working in a certain way won't run.

    I had suggested in the past that it wouldn't be that hard to build in jswrap_bangle.c for a lot of these devices so that they would be a bit more compatible, but I don't think there's been that much interest in doing that really as I think the watch ports were more done for fun than for use as reliable every-day watches.


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