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  • Hi - to flash the Puck with your own firmware via SWD, just connect up the GND, SWDIO and SWCK pins to an SWD programmer ( - you could just solder direct to the pads if you have thin wires.

    The nRF52DK needs to be told something is connected with the ground detect. Full schematic of what to connect is here, albeit for bangles:­nical#swd

    So if you have the DK working then flashing the code to the Puck should be easy.

    Although have you tried connecting with NRF Connect and writing to the
    0010203... characteristics (or maybe turning the lights on and off then reading the values?). It feels like that might be a real possibility.

    Also, it looks like the lights have a "Mesh Proxy Data In" characteristic which is part of "Mesh Proxy Service", and as I understand it, that means you can connect to them via normal Bluetooth and can the access the mesh via that - which means you could use the standard Espruino firmware on Puck.js.

    However, I'm struggling to find documentation on that - but if you could figure that out, that would be awesome - and is something that'd be really neat to turn into a library for Puck.js


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