• @Gordon , this conversation and other jig discussions seem very old. I have a SWD breakout board from Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com/product/2743 and only want to program a couple of boards from the nrf52-DK. I have already done similar with other boards such as the https://www.adafruit.com/product/4062 .

    The lab bench stuff works fine with the Feather but I would like to use some of these unused Pucks I have lying around.

    I'd even be OK now with having someone else help me hold some wires against the SWIO and SWCLK flat pads on the puck.

    Do you know what pins I would need to connect (manually or via jig) to program from the DK?

    GndDet / Gnd / Vref


    Thanks for any help. This type of stuff tends to sit around for years until I get back to some need. I just want a puck to turn on some Bluetooth Mesh Lights.

    I used nRF Mesh on my phone to create a mesh of the lamps and programmed my DKs and Feathers to be a mesh light switch. That works.

    I read that I should be able to find the regular gatt attributes/characteristics and bang away at that directly from a simple puck.js program but I could never diagnose what the attributes and values were in my Sengled Lamps. My tech terms could be off.

    It really shouldn't be this hard but hacking is such as it is.