• Exactly as @fanoush said really :) The idea was to make Espruino as minimal as possible, which meant effectively the building most minimal needed RTOS as part of it.

    We do effectively support running on RTOSes in that the ESP32 build runs on top of Espressif's RTOS - there are one or two hangovers there (like Serial/Bluetooth writes going through Espruino's output buffer before they go to the RTOS) but it's not a big deal.

    The main answer for why we don't use Zephyr is that when we started the nRF51 port it wasn't available. At some point we may well have to do a Zephyr port if we want to keep using Nordic devices, but while you could get Espruino running on Zephyr pretty quick, getting Bluetooth support up to the same level that we have on the existing nRF5x devices is going to take a while!


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