• So I guess that means 'no', you can't find a list of common characters?

    If we were to go for it, perhaps the only other option is to get a big corpus of representative Chinese text, and to check what character codes are in it.

    ... but I did fix the PBF file format now, so as long as you're on the latest cutting edge firmware it is possible to load a font file with all 20,000 glyphs onto the Bangle.

  • hi

    1. i think i am on latest GB.js and the cutting edge firmware

    2. now i use a fake whatsapp to send the msg to my own whatsapp, to test.
      i only use message ui now, (but sometimes message list perform better)
      (let's focus on msg UI first?, as msg list is by another author?)

    the msg appear itself as "it-show-up"

    , if i manually click into the msg app, and click view msg, it appear differently as "press-into".

    original msg: 【知乎】你的验证码是 488379,此验证码用于登录知乎或重置密码。10 分钟内有效。

    i will suggest just add a new line after a punctuation.
    【知乎】<--(new line after close bracket, or not is also ok)
    你的验证码是 488379,
    10 分钟内有效。

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