• but the latest version modified it into a comma at bottom....

    Ok, so I think you're on the latest Gadgetbridge, that's good, and should mean that you no longer have messages that won't show on the Bangle. Now you need to update your Bangle.js firmware to a cutting edge build.

    As an aside, I've been looking into storing the full Chinese fonts on the Bangle using the PBF font format that's been supported for a few versions now. However it seems the font format itself, while designed for Unicode, wasn't designed for Chinese unicode usage. It can only store around 10,000 characters maximum inside it before overflowing the indices in the file format.

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1366­068/whats-the-complete-range-for-chinese­-characters-in-unicode would seem to imply that there are 90,000 characters in full, with around 20,000 that we have to support (even though that also supports Japanese and Korean in the same set of chars).

    Do you believe that really is the case? If it's possible to get down under 10,000 chars then I can use the current PBF file format with current firmware, otherwise I'll have to make some custom changes to the file format and update the Bangle.js firmware to get it working

  • isn't i am already on the "edge" version of 2v19?
    i mean i am on (commit cfbc4040d)<-- this appear in the "about" app.

  • hi,
    i remember daily use chinese characters is just 6000-10000,
    i searched google, it retured similar.
    i further asked in gpt4, it also gave a similar result as below.

    HOWEVER there are 1. simplified chinese characters, invented by china-mainland after communist took place in 1949 (now used by the 1.4 billion china-mainland users), and 2. those tradional chinese characters, used in china-taiwan, china-hongkong, china-macau (21 million+7 million+1 million users.).

    yeah i knew why it say 20,000 then.

    it would be a honor to have chinese fonts stored onto the bangle, but will it use up a lot of resources? also, althought chinese is 1 of 6 languages used in United Nations, what if other languages users also want to have their fonts stored on the watch?



    how many chinese characters are commonly used daily? i am in hongkong

    In the context of Chinese language use, especially in a place like Hong Kong, the number of commonly used Chinese characters can vary significantly based on context, literacy level, and the specific requirements of communication.

    In general, a literate person in a Chinese-speaking environment is usually familiar with at least 3,000 to 4,000 characters, which are enough for everyday reading and writing. However, for more advanced literacy, such as reading newspapers, literature, or academic texts, knowledge of 6,000 to 8,000 characters is often necessary.

    The education system in Hong Kong, like in many Chinese-speaking regions, emphasizes the learning of a large number of characters from an early age. However, the number of characters used in daily life can be much lower, as many characters are used infrequently.

    For daily practical purposes, such as texting, social media, casual reading, and signage, a smaller subset of these characters is often sufficient. It's also worth noting that Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese characters, which are more complex than the simplified characters used in Mainland China.

    To sum up, while a literate person in Hong Kong might know several thousand Chinese characters, the number actively used in daily life is likely lower, focusing on a core set of commonly used characters.


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