• Thanks for the update.

    I believe I have now fixed this - there were a bunch of issues:

    • Chinese Punctuation wasn't handled so words weren't being split on punctuation (Gadgetbridge)
    • Words with Chinese chars couldn't be split at any point (Gadgetbridge)
    • Very long words that made an image of over 255 pixels wide made an invalid image, which is what caused the blank messages you saw (Gadgetbridge)
    • When there's an image+image, Bangle.js wouldn't 'wrap' them to the screen (image+space+image worked)

    So you need to update Gadgetbridge to nightlies, as well as the Bangle.js firmware, but hopefully it's sorted now!

  • when i compare the screen shots,
    the original msg's "chinese coma" and "chinese fullstop" are in the middle of the square,
    in previous versions, the msg 's chinese coma are still in the middle of the square.
    but the latest version modified it into a comma at bottom....
    is this the problem? thx

    you can view the screenshots in the thread, thanks


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