• Thanks for the update.

    I believe I have now fixed this - there were a bunch of issues:

    • Chinese Punctuation wasn't handled so words weren't being split on punctuation (Gadgetbridge)
    • Words with Chinese chars couldn't be split at any point (Gadgetbridge)
    • Very long words that made an image of over 255 pixels wide made an invalid image, which is what caused the blank messages you saw (Gadgetbridge)
    • When there's an image+image, Bangle.js wouldn't 'wrap' them to the screen (image+space+image worked)

    So you need to update Gadgetbridge to nightlies, as well as the Bangle.js firmware, but hopefully it's sorted now!

  • hi,

    1. same as before, nothing seems to be changed. i am already on latest nightly (thru f-droid nightly repo, commit 5abd46d7b) and 2.19v60 firmware (commit cfbc4040d).
      phone config: font12, text as bitmap, others should be default
      watch config: use message UI only
      i'll try upload the screenshot later

    2. just found i could somehow send myself whatsapp msg to test it. i am still using the above msg.
      original msg: 【知乎】你的验证码是 488379,此验证码用于登录知乎或重置密码。10 分钟内有效。

    3. what is the text message that you used? may be i can send to myself to test? thanks

    ps: so, previously i am using SMS, currently i am using whatsapp to test the text.

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