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  • On mine, if the watch is on its back I see it reporting 1 when there's nothing there (eg the green LED ends up being off) and 0 when I get my hand close to the sensor. If I shine a torch at it or point it towards the window, the value rises.

    The real use it for something like the flash counter though:­

    For that you have to manually configure the sensor to run faster and to turn off the green LED:

    Bangle.setOptions({hrmGreenAdjust:false,­ hrmWearDetect:false, hrmPushEnv:true});
    Bangle.hrmWr(0x10, 197&0xF8 | 4); // just SLOT2
    Bangle.hrmWr(0x16, 0); // force env to be used as fast as possible
    Bangle.on('HRM-env', function(env) {

    So then it'll run nice and fast (200Hz in that case) and you could use it for some kind of sensing or communication


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