• However, I do use Light switch widget to unlock on tap (right tap side).

    I too use that widget, but I do not have the setting turned on, tapping the corner did not wake up the screen.
    I just uninstalled it anyway. So far (a few minutes) it did not wake up. I will report back after observing it longer.
    @ccchan Do you use this widget?

    Maybe you could try Settings -> Utils -> Rewrite settings just in case there's some issue with them taking effect?

    I tried it and it did not fix it. Still good to know that this exists!

    If you're connected with the IDE you could paste setWatch(print, BTN, {repeat:true})

    Even if I actively wake it up with the button this command does not tell me about it.
    It seems to only work if the device is already awake.

    And btw a huge thanks for the great support!


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