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  • Sorry for the delay replying here - it's great to have got a build going, however I guess it might be a bit of effort to try and merge this into the current Espruino build system - we'll have to see.

    If someone were to come up with a PR that added S3 support using the existing build system (so it didn't cause big maintenance headaches when files need to be added to the build) and didn't completely screw up the existing codebase then I'd absolutely support this and merge it in.

    However getting to the point where I could support my work on ESP32 stuff is probably quite a stretch.

    I'd really love to support it (especially on stuff like the ESP32-C2), and I'm open to suggestions, but unfortunately so far there hasn't really been anything that I feel would work. One of the big attractions of the Espressif stuff has been the insanely low price of dev boards, so I can't really make money on hardware which is what I currently do for other boards.

    I originally started Espruino with the idea of providing it for existing dev boards with a freemium model (it worked for free, but there was a $1.50 fee to enable saving to flash) - but I spent a year working on it and only made $30, which is what prompted the very first KickStarter.

    So I don't know - I think even if people would pay $1.50 to unlock their boards, developers often have a lot of questions and it's not like I can afford to provide much in the way of answers for $1.50 of my time, so even then it may not be viable.


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