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  • I created this shortcut for calendar syncing.­2d9634359954d546731c5d4c9
    This sends notifications with the format

    "title": "<title>",
    "start_time": "<ISO 8601 timestamp>",
    "duration": "HH:MM:SS",
    "notes": "<description>",
    "location": "location text/address", 
    "calName": "<calendar name>"

    I could not get the calendar color through the shortcuts app.

    Attached is an image of a test run.

    Would it be possible to run the "negative action" to automatically dismiss the notifications?

    This shortcut is automatable with the shortcut "automations" feature. It can be configured to run at a time of day or when the bangle is connected to the iphone.

    I will make another shortcut for weather.

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