• @user147320 thanks for that dump! That's an odd one - as you say it
    looks like the wake sources are set up fine. Maybe you could try
    Settings -> Utils -> Rewrite settings just in case there's some issue
    with them taking effect?

    If you're connected with the IDE you could paste setWatch(print, BTN,
    {repeat:true}) on the left-hand side which would tell you when the
    Bangle thought a button was being pressed, in case that was waking it

    I wont have time for this today but I will try this soon.

    With 2v19.53 it got definitely better. With Recorder running it wakes up about every other minute and with only the Health App I so far did not notice it waking up.
    Edit: It does wake up without recorder but rarely.

    I notice you do have gbridge installed which is something that's not recommended, so you could try disabling that...

    I installed it because Gadgetbridge kept asking me to do so (no idea why), but I already unistalled it since.


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