• @user147320 thanks for that dump! That's an odd one - as you say it looks like the wake sources are set up fine. Maybe you could try Settings -> Utils -> Rewrite settings just in case there's some issue with them taking effect?

    If you're connected with the IDE you could paste setWatch(print, BTN, {repeat:true}) on the left-hand side which would tell you when the Bangle thought a button was being pressed, in case that was waking it up...

    I notice you do have gbridge installed which is something that's not recommended, so you could try disabling that...

    Is there an older firmware version of b2 that does not have this problem?

    No, they've always had it as far as I know. I'm pretty sure Wake on Touch (tap) was added reasonably recently which is why this got noticed - before, we were never forwarding these events.

    Results are that v19 has anomalies which are not present in v18

    More info? I really don't think this is a recent issue.


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