• Yes, for all intents and purposes, those characters are equivalent. Chinese also has the optional type of comma for when enumerating items (as in, "milk, butter, eggs"). This is also the standard comma used in Japanese.

    I did some tests with the nightly build of Bangle.js Gadgetbridge (commit 1aadc04fd) today, and unfortunately nothing seems to have changed. Chinese text was still running off the screen, and no line wrapping was being done. Also, I don't know if I was just experiencing some exceptionally well-timed bad luck, but I was not always being notified on my watch when a message containing Chinese was sent to me --- this despite the fact that I never encounter this issue with messages using ASCII characters in the body. The messages would simply be completely absent from my watch, even when there was a lull of 10 seconds between the messages. I do not have Gadgetbridge set to limit messages if multiple messages come in too quickly, and I of course had the screen of my phone off while performing these tests, which I did using two different instant messaging platforms.

    I also tested to see how Japanese would be handled. Although I received the Japanese messages on my watch, the device strangely would not buzz to alert me to them. Furthermore, the messages were all blank. Perhaps these are two related issues? These issues occurred with messages that had both English and Japanese, as well as only Japanese.

    I took pictures to show the issues I have described and have attached them to this message. I hope this helps. The Chinese message sent in full is supposed to be: 孟子見梁惠王,王立於沼上,顧鴻鴈麋鹿,曰:「賢者亦樂此乎?」

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  • The Chinese message sent in full is supposed to be: 孟子見梁惠王,王立於沼上,顧鴻鴈麋鹿,曰:「賢者亦樂此乎?」

    hi, do you need pay money to send this test message?
    and also how to send, from what device? thanks

  • Furthermore, the messages were all blank.

    yeah, quite many times my bangle turn into this and i dont know what to do.

    i guess some messages with some error make it this way.



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