• Sure thing, good idea!

     > console.log(Bangle.getOptions()) 
    { "hrmPollInterval": 40, "hrmSportMode": -1, "hrmGreenAdjust": true, "hrmWearDetect": true,  
        "hrmPushEnv": false, "seaLevelPressure": 1013.25,
        "gestureStartThresh": 640000, "gestureEndThresh": 4000000,
        "gestureInactiveCount": 4,   "gestureMinLength": 10,
        "stepCounterThresholdLow": 536888040, "stepCounterThresholdHigh":
        537068368, "twistThreshold": 4096, "twistTimeout": 1000,  
        "twistMaxY": -800, "wakeOnBTN1": true, "wakeOnBTN2": true,
        "wakeOnBTN3": true, "wakeOnFaceUp": false,   "wakeOnTouch": false,
        "wakeOnTwist": false, "powerSave": true, "lockTimeout": 10000,
        "lcdPowerTimeout": 0,   "backlightTimeout": 10000, "btnLoadTimeout":
        1500, "touchX1": 0, "touchY1": 0, "touchX2": 160,   "touchY2": 160 }

    How are you trying to update? Phone or computer? Official app loader, development app loader or personal app loader fork?

    I used the official App-Loader and Android (Gadgetbridge and Chrome).
    Now I tried it with Linux and it worked.

    With Version 2v19.53 it still wakes up randomly, although I am not sure of the connection with HR-Measurement anymore. I need more time to observe this again after the update to tell.


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