• @Gordon I'm happy to contribute to the development of this device. As for your suggested change, I think that's a fantastic start to tackling this matter. It really might be enough! I will test this out for a few days before reporting back to you. I will also see how it fairs with Japanese.

    Additionally, I want to clarify my suggestion in the space below, since it seems that I was not able to communicate what I meant well. I apologize for that. I was writing late at night and wasn't as careful about my words as I should have been.

    I am assuming that there is a character limit to each line of text which the device observes with the default messaging app. If that is the case, then should the punctuation fix not be enough, it would be ideal to be able to wrap the lines in such a way as to preserve a number of characters which is divisible by two. So if there is a limit of, say, 13 characters per line, we wrap at the 12th. Would that be possible?

    To give an example of what I mean using ccchan's original message, let's say hypothetically that the Bangle.js does have a 13 character limit with the default messaging app. The message should be split up like so:

    【知乎】你的验证码是 6 (12)
    98449,此验证码用于 (12)
    登录知乎或重置密码。10 (13)
    分钟内有效。 (6)

    Each line of text is wrapped perfectly in this example. No Chinese is split up in a way that splits a two syllable word across two lines. I had the second to last line be 13 characters on the assumption that Gadgetbridge would be able to handle whitespace normally, even within a message consisting of both full- and half-width characters.

    @ccchan I hope the above explanation clarifies what I mean. We are only concerned with the number of characters per line. There is no need for any kind of advanced programming to deal with splitting lines of Chinese text this way. Gadgetbridge only needs to be able to count characters and be aware of character limits. Again, I apologize for not being clear.

  • i still could not understand what you guys mean by "wrapping (if needed!) every 2 chars is probably best." because your example looks like it's wrapping by even numbers, not two.

    anyway may be you guys could proceed ahead, just please try leave me an option to choose the versions so i can still use a working one while it's improving, thanks


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